Apple had the time of its life in the last quarter of last year when it rose to the top of the smartphone world as top smartphone provider with the most sales. The introduction of the iPhone 4S gave Apple a boost around the world but that high didn’t sustain. Korean manufacturer, Samsung, came back in the first quarter of 2012 to take the high chair.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s now has 31 percent market share, Apple’s settles with 24 percent. That is setting the stage for a horse race rivalry of the two, leaving other manufacturers behind. Nokia, with the introduction of the Lumia Windows phone, has managed to hang on while losing 23% of it’s market share. Nokia’s Symbian platform continues to sink.

Apple is still not in a bad shape, it is in good shape actually as it has manages to increase it sales and set record profits rising 94% this year so far largely due to an expansion in the Chinese market.

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Credits/for more on this topic we recommend: TheNextWeb

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